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Provider News is a newsletter for healthcare providers who participate in our networks. It contains valuable news, information, tips and reminders about our products and services.

Important note: For medical policy and claims administration updates, including coding guidelines and procedure code revisions, please refer to the monthly publication Medical Policy Update open in new window.

Note: This publication may contain certain administrative requirements, policies, procedures or other similar requirements of Highmark (or changes thereto) which are binding upon Highmark and its contracted providers. Pursuant to their contract, Highmark and such providers must comply with any requirements included herein unless and until such item(s) are subsequently modified in whole or in part.

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Arielle Reinert, Editor

We want Provider News to meet your needs for timely, effective communication. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for articles in future issues, please write to the editor at ResourceCenter@Highmark.com.