axialHealthcare Substance Use Risk and Recovery Programs

About axialHealthcare 

axialHealthcare connects patients, providers, and health plans with an end-to-end platform that covers the entire substance use spectrum. Their high-tech, high-touch approach mends fractured ecosystems, identifies at-risk patients, and provides timely, interactive tools for clinical decision-making. For patients with substance use disorder, we offer a clear path with continuity of care. 

Risk Mitigation Program

Highmark has collaborated with axialHealthcare to offer a wide range of tools and resources to providers in Delaware,  Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia that aim to support the health and safety of patients on opioids and other controlled substances.

Through this voluntary collaboration, the tools available to providers include:

  • Patient intelligence highlighting patients who fall into certain risk categories, such as patients recommended for evaluation for substance use disorder, opioids received from multiple providers, or benzodiazepine use with opioids. Risk categories are tied to clinical considerations that may help mitigate the risk.
  • Patient-specific snapshots of key clinical information that summarize critical diagnoses and recent prescriptions;
  • An interactive opioid reduction tool to assess patient readiness and motivation and support the development of patient-centric reduction plans when beneficial;
  • Insight into areas of patient risk within a set of clinical measures for opioid prescribing. 
  • Help connecting your Highmark patients with complex care and social needs to a Highmark case manager.

Direct Provider Support 

These resources are supported by our Clinical Consult Services (CCS) team of clinical pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and engagement specialists. The CCS team’s goal is to support you in the treatment of complex patients by applying their clinical expertise, offering detailed patient intelligence, and identifying care coordination opportunities and other relevant evidence-based solutions to support optimal patient health outcomes.

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