Value-Based Care 101

Value-based care (VBC) is a critical component of every health care organization’s short- and long-term strategy. With a focus on quality and efficiency over quantity, VBC seems like an obvious approach to improving outcomes and lowering costs. On the surface, VBC may sound easy; in reality, VBC is complex and needs to solve for challenges that plague our communities. Challenges like how to make people healthier, how to get people more engaged in their health, and how to make health care more affordable. 

VBC 101 Image VBC 101 Testimonial: Changing Lives Through Value-Based Care

VBC 101 Case Study VBC 101 Case Study: Emergency Department Utilization

As part of Highmark's Population Health University, we offer this five-part series on VBC. Throughout this series, you will hear from various Highmark leaders as they discuss VBC actions and strategies to drive transformation and tackle health care’s most fundamental problems: improving health and patients’ experience, better supporting the physicians, and reducing the spiraling upward costs of health care.  

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Part 1: Welcome to VBC 101 & Focus on Provider Collaboration 

  • Karen Hanlon - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Highmark Health 
  • Margaret Haney - Vice-President of Strategic Integration, Highmark Health


Part 2: More Effective and Meaningful VBC 

  • Derek Goldin - Senior Vice President, Provider Transformation, Highmark Health
  • Dr. Bridgette Wiefling - Senior Vice President, Clinical Transformation Leader, Highmark Health


Part 3: Coordination of Care in Measurable Improvements (Panel Discussion) 


  • Dr. Jackie Holder - Clinical Transformation Physician Executive, Highmark Health
  • Dr. Chris Wheelock -  Clinical Transformation Physician Executive, Highmark Health
  • Mike Samczak - Director, Value-Based Clinical Performance & Development, Highmark Health
  • Kim Mehta - Director, Population Health Pharmacy & Quality Enablement, Highmark Health


  • Dr. Phil Majewski - Senior Medical Director, Population Health Pharmacy & Quality Enablement, Highmark Health


Part 4: Social Determinants of Health 

  • Deb Donovan - Vice President, Social Determinants of Health Strategy & Operations, Highmark Health


Part 5: Future of VBC 

  • Mike Bennett - Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, Highmark Health

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