Reference Guide of Highmark Member Programs

The Highmark Member Programs Reference Guide is designed to assist health care providers in understanding the full range of programs and services available to Highmark members. It contains useful information and resources to give providers a comprehensive understanding of the programs offered to Highmark members in all service areas and for all lines of business. Providers should be aware that programs may be discontinued or additional information may become available and the catalog will be updated accordingly. Also, coverage for each program may vary based on member benefits and providers should encourage members to consult their benefit documentation for coverage details.

Highmark encourages providers to identify members who can benefit from Highmark programs and services. Please use the Case Management Referral and Inquiry link available via our provider portal(s) to submit a referral electronically for programs unless other enrollment information is stated in the description.

2024 Reference Guide of Highmark Member Programs

Last updated on 1/16/2024 3:25:23 PM


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